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Does The Bride Wear Engagement Ring On Wedding Day?

Yes, traditionally, the bride does wear her engagement ring on her wedding day, but not on her left ring finger where it’s typically worn. The bride may shift her engagement ring to her right hand to make way for the wedding band.

This is because it’s traditional to wear your wedding band closest to your heart, or at least on the inside of your engagement ring. By moving the engagement ring to the right hand, the groom or officiant can easily place the wedding band on the bride’s left ring finger during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the bride can move her engagement ring back to her left hand, placing it on the outside of her wedding band if she prefers to follow the tradition of keeping the wedding band closest to her heart.

These are just traditional practices and have no strict rules. Some brides keep their engagement ring on their left hand during the ceremony and have the wedding band placed on top of it. Some others may choose not to wear the engagement ring at all during the ceremony and add it back later.

It’s up to your personal preference and what feels most comfortable and meaningful for the couple.


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