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How Long Does It Realistically Take To Plan A Wedding?

The time it takes to plan a wedding can depend significantly on the size and complexity of the event, as well as the couple’s preferences and availability. However, most wedding planners suggest a timeline of 12 to 18 months for a traditional wedding. This allows plenty of time to book your preferred venue and vendors, handle all the details, and handle any issues.

Here’s a general timeline:

12-18 Months Before:

  • Announce your engagement
  • Determine your budget
  • Choose a wedding date
  • Start compiling your guest list
  • Research and choose your wedding venue
  • Research and book necessary vendors (photographer, caterer, florist, etc.)

9-12 Months Before:

  • Finalize your guest list
  • Choose your wedding party
  • Start shopping for wedding attire
  • Create a wedding registry
  • Send save-the-date cards

6-9 Months Before:

  • Order wedding invitations
  • Plan your honeymoon
  • Arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests

4-6 Months Before:

  • Choose your wedding cake
  • Buy wedding rings
  • Send out wedding invitations

2-4 Months Before:

  • Confirm details with all vendors
  • Plan the rehearsal dinner
  • Have your bachelor or bachelorette parties

1-2 Months Before:

  • Apply for a marriage license
  • Final dress fitting
  • Confirm all final details

2 Weeks Before:

  • Give your caterer the final guest count
  • Finalize seating chart

1 Week Before:

  • Pack for your honeymoon
  • Pick up your wedding dress and tuxedo

Remember, these are just general guidelines, and each wedding may have different needs and priorities. It’s always important to make a timeline that works for you. If you’re short on time, consider hiring a wedding planner or opting for a smaller or more informal event to make the planning process more manageable.


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