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How Much Money Should A Family Of 4 Give For A Wedding Gift?

The amount of money a family of four should give as a wedding gift can vary greatly and depends on several factors:

  • Your relationship with the couple: Generally, the closer your relationship with the couple, the more you might choose to give. For instance, you might give more to a close family member or best friend than a colleague or distant relative.
  • Your financial situation: Only give what you feel comfortable and can afford, regardless of societal expectations or norms. Stay within your budget, and remember that a thoughtful gift is more important than an expensive one.
  • Cultural or regional norms: Some cultures and regions may have customary amounts or ranges for cash gifts. If you’re unsure, asking others in your community may be helpful.
  • The nature of the wedding: If it’s a very formal, lavish event, you might choose to give a larger gift. Conversely, a smaller gift may be appropriate if it’s a smaller or more casual wedding.

A commonly cited general guideline for a cash or check gift from a family might be $100-$200 per attending adult. So, a gift might be around $200-$400 for a family of four with two adults if following this suggestion. Remember, this is just a rough guideline and could vary based on the abovementioned factors.

If you’re still unsure, another approach could be to cover the “cost of your seats” at the reception. Aim to give a gift equivalent to what you estimate the couple is paying for your family to attend the wedding.

Finally, if a cash gift doesn’t feel right or isn’t feasible, consider other options like purchasing a gift from the couple’s registry or a meaningful, personalized present. Most important is the thought and care you put into your gift.


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