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How Much Money Should I Give My Daughter For Her Wedding Gift?

The amount of money you should give your daughter for her wedding gift can significantly vary based on factors such as your financial situation, the nature of the wedding, cultural norms, and personal preferences. There are no set rules or standards; what matters most is that your gift is given from the heart and within your means.

That being said, it’s common for parents to contribute to the wedding cost. This might mean covering a specific expense like the reception cost, paying for the wedding dress, or contributing a set amount towards the wedding costs. In this case, the amount would be dependent on the overall budget of the wedding and what you feel comfortable contributing.

If you’re considering giving a cash gift in addition to or instead of contributing to the wedding costs, again, the amount is really up to you. Some parents give a substantial gift, such as a down payment on a house, while others might opt for a smaller cash gift that the couple can use however they like.

In deciding, consider your financial situation and what you feel comfortable giving. You might also want to talk to your daughter and her partner to understand what they might prefer or find most useful.

Remember, while financial gifts can be very helpful to a newly married couple, non-monetary gifts can be equally as meaningful. A family heirloom or a thoughtful, personal gift could be just as cherished as a financial contribution. Most importantly, your gift is given with love and support.


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