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How To Have A Wedding Under 8K?

Planning a wedding under $8,000 can be challenging, but it is possible with careful planning, creativity, and flexibility.

Tips on how you can save money and still have a beautiful and meaningful wedding:

  1. Prioritize: Decide on what’s most important to both of you. This might be the location, food, photographer, or music. Allocate a bigger budget for this, and be ready to compromise on less critical areas.
  2. Guest List: Keep your guest list small. Catering costs are typically one of the most significant wedding expenses, so you can save significantly by limiting your guest list.
  3. Venue: Consider having your wedding at a public park, beach, or even your or a family member’s home. Renting a venue can be one of the most significant wedding expenses.
  4. Time and Date: Off-peak times (such as weekdays or Sundays) and off-peak seasons can save you money on venue and vendor costs.
  5. Food and Drink: Consider a buffet or family-style dinner instead of a plated meal. You could also have a brunch or lunch reception instead of dinner, lowering food and alcohol costs.
  6. DIY: Making decorations, invitations, and wedding favors can save money. Enlist the help of your creative friends and family.
  7. Attire: Consider renting, buying secondhand, or opting for a simpler dress. The same goes for the groom’s suit.
  8. Flowers: Use more greenery, buy from a local farmer’s market, or even consider artificial flowers. Another option is to use non-floral centerpieces.
  9. Music: Instead of hiring a band or a professional DJ, make your own playlist and have a friend or family member in charge.
  10. Photography/Videography: Instead of hiring a professional for the whole day, have them for just a few key hours to capture the most critical moments. You can also ask a talented friend or family member.
  11. Cake: Opt for a small display cake for the cake-cutting ceremony and have a sheet cake in the kitchen for serving guests. Another option is to have a dessert buffet with various less expensive treats.

Your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other. A limited budget can force you to be creative and think about what is truly important to you, often leading to a more personal and meaningful wedding.


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