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What Color Should The Maid Of Honor Wear?

The color that the maid of honor wears usually depends on the bride’s preferences and the wedding theme. Here are a few common practices:

  1. Same as Other Bridesmaids: The maid of honor often wears the same color as the other bridesmaids to create a unified look for the bridal party. This is probably the most common practice and helps to tie the group together visually.
  2. Slightly Different Shade: Sometimes, the maid of honor will wear a slightly different shade than the other bridesmaids. For example, if the bridesmaids are wearing pastel pink, the maid of honor might wear a slightly darker shade of pink. This subtly sets the maid of honor apart without disrupting the visual unity of the group.
  3. Completely Different Color: Sometimes, the maid of honor might wear a different color from the other bridesmaids to stand out. This is less common but can work well if the colors are carefully chosen to complement each other and the wedding color scheme.
  4. Same Color as Bridesmaids, Different Dress: Another common practice is for the maid of honor to wear the same color as the bridesmaids but in a different dress style. This allows her to stand out while maintaining color cohesion within the bridal party.
  5. Match with the Wedding Theme: In some weddings, the maid of honor’s dress color could reflect the color theme of the wedding or the color of the bride’s wedding dress accessories.

Remember, the most important thing is that the bride and maid of honor are happy and comfortable with the choice.


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