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What Percentage Of Wedding Invites Come To Wedding?

Normally, you can expect about 70-75% of the guests you invite to attend your wedding if it’s local. However, if many guests will have to travel a significant distance, or if it’s a destination wedding, the acceptance rate may be closer to 50%.

Keep in mind these are general guidelines, and the exact number can vary widely based on various factors like the location and timing of your wedding, the number of out-of-town guests, the size of the wedding, and more.

For example, a wedding planned around a holiday or during peak vacation season might have a lower attendance rate due to conflicting travel plans. Also, due to the global pandemic and depending on its ongoing status at your wedding, some people might still feel uncomfortable attending larger gatherings and events.

Also, remember to consider “plus ones” – if you’re inviting many single guests and offering them the option to bring a date, that could significantly affect your numbers.

Consider these percentages when building your guest list, mainly if you limit the number of attendees. You might consider having an “A list” and a “B list” – once you start receiving RSVPs from your “A list” and have an idea of how many can’t come, you can start inviting guests from your “B list” to ensure a whole house.

Be careful with this approach to ensure that “B list” guests don’t feel like second choices – managing your invitations and RSVP deadlines well can help avoid this.


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