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Who Usually Pays For Honeymoon?

Traditionally, the groom or the groom’s family would pay for the honeymoon. This was part of the old-fashioned expectation that while the bride’s family pays for the wedding, the groom is responsible for expenses associated with the honeymoon.

However, like many wedding traditions, this has evolved significantly over time. Today, it’s very common for the couple to share the honeymoon costs. This could be because they already live together and share expenses or simply because they prefer to approach their finances as a partnership.

Sometimes, the couple might also receive the honeymoon as a gift from their parents or family members. Some couples even opt for “honeymoon registries” where, instead of physical gifts, guests can contribute towards experiences during the honeymoon, like a dinner at a fancy restaurant, spa treatments, adventure activities, or even airfare or accommodation costs.

Make sure that the expenses associated with the honeymoon are budgeted for and agreed upon by the couple and that it doesn’t place undue financial strain on either party. Like the wedding, the honeymoon should be a source of joy and celebration, not financial stress.


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