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Who Walks Down With The Maid Of Honor?

In a traditional Western-style wedding procession, the maid of honor typically walks down the aisle alone after all the other bridesmaids have entered. She is usually the last person to walk down the aisle before the flower girl and ring bearer (if there are any), and the bride.

However, in some ceremonies, she might be escorted by the best man. The best man traditionally enters from the side and stands next to the groom, but variations in wedding procession orders are common, and in some cases, the maid of honor and the best man might walk down the aisle together.

In other cases, especially when the couple has a large wedding party, the maid of honor might walk down with a groomsman, but not necessarily the best man.

The order and pairing of the wedding party during the procession can be tailored to fit the couple’s preferences and the size and style of their wedding. Choosing an arrangement that suits the wedding’s overall atmosphere and makes everyone comfortable is always best.


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