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Why Do People Get Married On Sunday?

While Saturday is traditionally the most popular day to get married, Sunday weddings have been growing in popularity for a variety of reasons:

  • Cost Savings: Since Saturday is the most popular day for weddings, many venues and vendors offer lower rates for Sundays. This can make it a more budget-friendly option for couples.
  • Availability: It can be easier to book your preferred venue or vendors on a Sunday, particularly if you’re planning your wedding during peak season.
  • Longer Celebrations: A Sunday wedding can allow for weekend-long celebrations, particularly for destination weddings or weddings with many out-of-town guests. The couple can organize events on Friday and Saturday leading up to the wedding on Sunday.
  • Symbolism: For some couples, starting their married life at the start of a new week may hold symbolic appeal.
  • Flexibility: A Sunday wedding might suit better for couples or guests who have work or other commitments that make a Saturday wedding less convenient.

Consider the potential challenges of a Sunday wedding. Some guests may have difficulty attending due to work or travel commitments on Monday, and the celebration might need to end earlier than it would on a Saturday.

Like all aspects of wedding planning, the decision of which day to get married should consider the couple’s individual circumstances and preferences.


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